At Expedition Engineering we specialize in designing unique adventures to some of the planet’s most interesting and least visited locations. We don’t do fixed itineraries that take you from A to B. Sometimes our trips don’t go as planned. But that’s the ‘spirit of adventure’. We have pioneered expeditions to some of the farthest flung corners of the globe: Raja Ampat, East Greenland, Baffin Island, Myanmar and Antarctica to name a few. Our expertise is ski touring, sea kayaking tours, surfing, and adventure sailing. Whether visiting a remote village or an uncharted fjord, we aim to tread lightly wherever we go. Our guests are true explorers who seek life changing experiences.

Our Expeditions

We are not a travel agency and you will not find these trips anywhere else. Our custom-designed tours blend the best of local cultures with adventure travel, exploration and being in tune with nature.

skiing adventure: Ski Iceland with Expedition Engineering


We are specialists in backcountry skiing in the polar regions and off-the-beaten track locales like Georgia and Kamchatka. We have pioneered new areas in East Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Joining one of our ski expeditions almost always guarantees a first descent.

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sea kayak adventures: Iceland and Greenland Kayaking and Hiking Expedition


Gliding silently along the ocean’s surface we experience the majesty of towering icebergs in Greenland and Baffin Island, and dazzling coral reefs and the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet in Raja Ampat. Our kayaking expeditions use liveaboard vessels, remote camping and local guest houses depending on the destination.

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Surfing Tours: Morrocco Surf Expedition


Our surf camps are equal parts surfing on remote breaks without another person in sight and a cultural adventure you’ll never forget. We have tracked down adventure surfing destinations and offshore breaks unknown to anyone else.

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Where We Go

There are few places left that have not been explored, and in many cases exploited and overrun by tourists. We still believe travel can be a positive thing, both for our guests and the places we visit. We support the local communities and they support us by allowing us into their lives, sharing their customs and culture and that human connection that makes adventure travel truly transformative.


Alaska Kayaking Trips


Antarctic Ski Descent 3


Greenland Kayaking Adventure


iceland destination 3


Lofoten BnB paddle2


Kamchatka Ski and Sailing Expedition

West Papua

Raja Ampat Kayaking and Homestay Experience

Papua New Guinea

Bougainville Surf Trip with Expedition Engineering

Baffin Island

Baffin island kayak and sail adventure


Georgia ski action large 1

Marquesas Islands

Marquesas harbour 1
Expedition Engineering Trip Map

“Their customer service is brilliant. And they are relaxed, and easy to get on with and hang out with. The Greenland trip was amazing, it wasn't just about the skiing; it was more than that. A “Once in a Lifetime” trip!”

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– Benjie E, London UK

“There are no channel markers in Greenland, no buoys, no anything, and you’re more of a participant in the trip, involved in what's happening, and to me, that is true exploring. Matt is one of those unique people. He's giving people the trip of their lifetime every time he takes them out.”

Expedition Engineering Logo

– Chessell M, Maine

“They really take into account everything, the pre-trip communication is excellent. They involve you in every step in the process, there is a lot of discussion about suggested routes and itineraries. And what we like about the trips that they offer, is the unique experiences and the unique places. A few of the places we've been to, we've been the first people to do that area in a kayak.”

Expedition Engineering Logo

– Kim B, NSW, Australia, 4 kayaking trips

“You really get the sense that they care about people and the Planet and the places they go. And they're ideal guides, really. It's really nice to see trips run so well.”

Expedition Engineering Logo

– Louise S, Byron Bay, Australia

“Compared to other operators, Expedition Engineering is way more tuned into reading the guests’ abilities. There's this feeling that you are always safe, they have your back. But at the same time, you can have fun, and maybe go try something that 's a little bit of a stretch, but a good one. And then you have this amazing, all-around experience.”

Expedition Engineering Logo

– Maria S, Vancouver 3 kayak trips

Safety and Experience

The only thing more important to us than our guests’ enjoyment is their safety. We have the highest level of certifications in the guiding industry and have a combined experience of almost three decades leading successful trips to some of the most remote places on the planet. We make use of the latest safety and communication equipment on all our trips. Rest assured, you are in good hands on an Expedition Engineering adventure.

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