A Little Bit About Us!


If you are new to Expedition Engineering, here is a brief introduction of who we are and a bit of our story!

Matthew Edwards; where do I begin? I met Matt in 2005 and it wasn’t your typical boy meets girl story. He was a student in an Adventure Studies Program at Thompson Rivers University and I was his white water kayak instructor. My first impressions of Matt on the first course I taught him was that he fearless when it came to white water and he loved a good time! Those two things still hold true today.

As the founder of Expedition Engineering, Matt runs the company like he lives his life. There are no dreams in Matt’s world, only realities. Whatever he dreams of, becomes a reality in short order. There are no boundaries or obstacles in his world as he has the confidence and ability to easily overcome anything that most other people would see as a stopping block.

Being on trip with Matt is non-stop action and entertainment. He is a true adventurer and stirs within his guests a thirst and desire for adventure as well. He believes everyone who goes on an adventure is seeking just that, adventure! It’s impossible not to have a smile on your face and a laugh bubbling up from your gut when Matt is around.

In the face of challenging conditions, Matt’s risk management and safety skills always come out on top. He goes the extra mile to explore uncharted territory, and his goal is to make your dream adventure a reality.

Angela Bueckert-now a little bit about me. This entry is from one of my closest adventuring partners. We did a 3 month sea kayak expedition together, covering 3000 km of the B.C. and Alaska Coast. Click HERE to read about our trip.

“Angela is an incredibly strong and talented individual. Her athletic ability is impressive however her constant drive to push through physical and mental blocks is even more so. She is an accomplished white water paddler and instructor, having expeditioned in the far reaches of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. She is also a sea kayak guide along the BC coast. She excels in her field, always aspiring to reach new heights, constantly teaching and inspiring those around her. She is a high energy and happy person to be around. Living, working and playing in the outdoors comes naturally to this woman. Her ease and competence when in this environment is evident, instilling confidence and utmost trust in those who accompany her in these wild places.”

I hope this blog provides some insight on who we are and what motivates us to provide you with incredible adventures around the world. Now we look forward to meeting you!! Like us, friend us, email us!