A Picture is Worth a Thousand . . .

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in truth, a picture is worth a thousand lies. This picture blog will deceive every single person who ventures onward. There is nothing I can do about it except warn you. Please take these warnings to heart!

Warning #1:
The images of the weather are completely false. The ocean conditions pictured here will be so utterly untrue, that most readers will stop viewing the pictures within the first paragraph of this blog. Do not believe anything you see concerning the weather or sea state. The weather, the skies, and the conditions seen here will never, ever be like this again. For in July of 2018, our group experienced the most absurd, abnormal weather that has ever existed in the Arctic Circle.

Warning #2:
Do not make your decision to visit and paddle the Lofoten’s based on these pictures, as it is the worst form of marketing possible. Never again will it be possible to take pictures like this in the Lofoten’s. It is improbable, highly unlikely, implausible, and impossible that the weather will EVER be like this again in the Lofoten Islands.

Warning #3:
From these pictures, many readers may interpret that this trip is intended for beginner kayakers. This is not the case. You need to be able to paddle in winds that actually exceed, well 0 km/hr. You need to be able to paddle in wind chop, against currents, and with swell. You need to be an intermediate paddler, capable of paddling in 20 km/hr winds for a few hours at a time. The conditions will not be dead calm, with perfect reflections of the massive granite walls. You won’t be able to cross any fiord at any time of the day in perfectly calm conditions, as there will be winds!

Warning #4:
You will actually need to wear warm weather gear, probably even a drysuit. You won’t be sauntering around the beach in your bikini or swim trunks. You won’t have the slightest concern about burning your skin or your lips. You most certainly wont go swimming every day, in the ocean in the arctic Circle. Especially if you are an Aussie, like this 2018 group was.

The only truths that will move forward into future trips in the Lofoten’s is this;

The views are completely stunning. Every day, no matter if its sunny or raining, granite cliffs can be seen all around. The stark contrast of grey rock and green vegetation set against a backdrop of aqua green waters will have you taking pictures constantly.

The luxury of not setting up camp each night, but staying in renovated fishing cabins is incredible! This allowed us extra time to explore islands, beaches, and out of the way places that normally we would have had to pass by to allow time to set up camp.

The cabins allowed us extra time to explore the incredibly unique and colourful fishing villages along the route. These villages are a mix of working fishing villages and tourist attractions. Even as a tourist attraction, these towns exude a sense of culture and rich history surrounding the cod industry, the Viking history, and the art and music of today’s norweigan culture. We could have spent a couple days in each village, taking in the sights and sounds all around us.


The cabins also allow us to get out of the weather-in this case the sun! But on any normal trip, there will be some rain and wind and the luxury of sleeping in a real bed, with clean sheets and blankets. Having a deck with an amazing view every day to enjoy your morning coffee or tea is such a pleasure.

The summer of 2018 in the Lofoten’s will go down in history as the most amazing weather on a trip ever!