A Wedding Of Rock and Ice


Celebrate your love story in a truly unique and breathtaking setting with a wedding of rock and ice. This extraordinary concept blends the rugged beauty of rock formations with the ethereal charm of icy landscapes, creating a magical and unforgettable backdrop for your special day.

A wedding of rock and ice

I’m stressing out. The wedding is supposed to take place in 2 hours, the future bride and groom can’t say no to summiting a 2000m peak, and we are still many hours away from the summit.

I’m concerned when the future groom and best man have tense words with another group of skiers who have dropped into our ski line.

I’m aware that the whole wedding party is freezing when we reach the top, as the wind is whipping by with its Greenlandic Arctic cold.

But as we begin our ski descent, the snow a perfect and predictable powder, and the whole wedding party is whooping and hollering with glee, all my concerns melt away.  As we swoosh down this incredible glaciated peak, with the west Greenlandic Fiords beckoning us, and the rugged, rocky peaks cradling us in their embrace, I remind myself that this is no ordinary wedding day. The future bride and groom are no ordinary humans, and the wedding party is 100% behind this crazy endeavour!

When we got the call a year ago from this Colorado couple, I don’t think we quite realized what was really going to happen on this trip. After the trip was booked, plans were solidified and flights were booked, we had a final call with the couple to answer any questions they had. It turns out, we had more questions than them! “

So, you want to actually get married on this trip?”

We were taken by surprise, it wasn’t just a pre-wedding trip, this was the actual wedding!

The future groom was a professional skier, the future bride was a rock climber, they wanted to get married in a land of rock and ice – Greenland ticked all the boxes! Their wedding party were all committed skiers and couldn’t wait for this epic ski/wedding adventure

Mid way through the trip, the best weather day appeared, and we agreed a short ski and an early afternoon wedding. But upon sighting a pretty fun looking ski line, the whole wedding party unanimously agreed that nothing but the top would do!

The bride confessed the next day that at one point, she despaired “that today was not the wedding day!” But her very supportive close friend and celebrant said to her, “hey – it doesn’t ever get dark here, so we could have your wedding at midnight, and you will still get married today!!” With that, the bride picked up her pace and reveled in the Greenlandic moment.

Our 2000m ski descent brought us from a cold, wintery mountain top, to a warm beach with calm waters lapping at our feet. We were all stupefied at the climactic change we had just gone through in such a short time of descending on skis. But we were quickly whisked back to the ship, prompted by the ships crew arrangements for the wedding.

The bride didn’t wash her hair. The groom didn’t grab a jacket. The 50-year-old wedding dress lost a zipper. But this bride and groom  are no ordinary humans. There was absolutely no sweating of the small stuff.

We soon found ourselves standing on a small granite island, ground to an unearthly smoothness by thousands of years of glacier movement. The tidewater glacier that once covered this rock, stood as a silent witness 500m away. The unearthly blue hues of the glacier ice was transcendent in the afternoon arctic light. The rocky peaks embraced us in the sanctity of this moment. The arctic waters were still, reflecting the glaciers and peaks with perfection.

We stood as witnesses to this unique couple and their commitment to each other. The grandeur of this place, the “Eternity Fiord” and solemnity of the moment held us in awe.

This is a trip that will be forever seared in our minds.A Wedding Of Rock and Ice