Contributions for Change

We believe the world has reached an environmental crisis. Without drastic action to reduce greenhouse gases, to remove and recycle plastics in the ocean and initiatives to combat water and air pollution our planet will loose the ability to repair itself. Ecosystems on a global scale will collapse and humankind will struggle to survive.
Expedition Engineering already donates 1% of all gross sales to grass roots environmental organizations through the 1% for the Planet initiative. We also offset all flights taken by our staff and we encourage our guests to do the same.  Our recycling program in Indonesia not only reduces the amount of plastic on the beaches but also educates the locals on the importance of recycling.

In an effort to step up our commitment to environmental causes we have increased our donations program. Five percent of all direct bookings made with Expedition Engineering will be donated to a certified environmental organization. Each of these organizations have been vetted by the 1% for the Planet program and are a trusted partner. When booking a trip with Expedition Engineering, guests will have the ability to choose which organization their funds will go to.
This donations program does not affect the cost of your trip.
Please see the list below and select which organization you would like your funds to be donated too.

Environmental Charities

Please select up to 3 charities from the list below and input that selection in your booking form. Upon receiving full payment for your trip, Expedition Engineering will donate a total of 5% of the trip cost in equal portions to those Environmental Charities. You can find out more about each charity and their environmental focus by clicking on their included links.


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We equip partners in science and conservation with data collected from the outdoors that are crucial to unlocking solutions to environmental challenges. By leveraging the skills of the outdoor adventure community we are uniquely able to gather difficult-to-obtain data at any scale, in any environment. For more information please visit –




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The mission of Plastic Ocean Project is to educate through field research, implement progressive outreach initiatives, and incubate solutions to address the global plastic pollution problem, working with and for the next generation to create a more sustainable future.  






Contributions for change


Big City Mountaineers (BCM) instills critical life skills in under-resourced youth through transformative wilderness mentoring experiences. In close partnership with local youth development agencies in six cities across the United States, BCM pairs adult mentors with teens for a week-long wilderness trip or Overnight Camp geared toward measurably improving self-esteem, responsibility, decision-making abilities, and communication skills, serving close to 1,000 youth annually.




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The BC Wildlife Federation works diligently to uphold its two core strategic objectives:
1) the long-term management of British Columbia’s fish, wildlife, parks and outdoor recreational resources,
2) develop and support wilderness and conservation educational programming. The BCWF is one of the largest and most influential conservation organizations in British Columbia, standing over 50,000 strong with our members and supporters. Together, we speak up on behalf of all British Columbians who cherish our outdoor spaces and all the wild creatures that inhabit them.



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We have a simple mission – encourage and support people to take effective action on climate change, to drive demand for low carbon products, companies and investments. And by doing so accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy.
The good news is that we are aware of the solutions to climate change and there is significant awareness and action around these. And its pretty simple – we just need to move rapidly to a low carbon economy. What is worrying, is that we have left this extremely late, there is a very high level of risk which is poorly understood by many and there still appear to be a number of powerful entities and individuals seeking to delay climate action.


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Be the Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is a Vancouver-based, charitable, non-profit organization that empowers individual and collective change for a resilient, just, connected, and sustainable world.
We create new and innovative spaces for holistic learning about sustainability in the education system through developing and delivering school programs & resources for educators, learners, and partners.   Learn more at






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The world’s forests are disappearing at an alarming rate .  That is why Canopy, a not for profit environmental organization, is dedicated to protecting forests globally.  We collaborate with the world’s largest consumers of forest products to drive change for our forests, species and climate.