The Heart and Soul of Georgia


The Heart and Soul of Georgia

The heart and soul of Georgia lies in the centuries long traditions that the people hold dear.  This became vividly apparent to us when we were invited to dinner by our hosts, in a restaurant located in the town square of Mestia. As we entered the stone building, with wooden posts and beams, the warmth from a fireplace greeted us. The faint smell of wood smoke, incense and baking bread filled the room and created . . .

Sea Kayaking

Kayaking in Greenland

Why Go Paddling in Greenland? Greenland has some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world, which makes it perfect for sea kayaking. Towering glaciers, brilliant icebergs, and secluded bays teeming with whales and arctic wildlife await the adventurous. In the summer months, the days are long and the weather is generally pleasant for paddling. Small coastal villages exist on the East Coast, with inhabitants living a traditional, subsistence lifestyle from fishing and hunting. . . .

Bed and Breakfast, Sea Kayaking

Kayaking in Norway

Norway’s Best Kayaking Destinations Overview Norway offers a variety of majestic scenery, kayaking adventures and nature experiences. The coastline has battered rocky islands and beautiful white sand beaches, but the waters can be difficult to navigate where exposed to ocean currents. Guided trips are recommended. The fjords are calm and wondrous waters featuring famous peaks (like Pulpit Rock), waterfalls (Seven Sisters) and UNESCO heritage sites. You can even kayak in glacier-filled lakes high above sea . . .