Norway Odyssey

  After a week of sea kayaking in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, I began to wonder why I felt so at home, so free, and alive, why this felt like home. My memory was jogged by hazy stories when I was young of Viking ancestry in my family lineage. I am not sure if this Viking ancestry is myth or reality, but the wind, the storms, the light of Norway stirred my soul in ways . . .


Ski touring by Boat! Iceland May 2016

Skiing from a Sailboat is a surreal experience. Strapping on your ski boots while in the warmth of your cabin doesn’t feel natural. Neither does loading all your ski gear into a small speedboat and meandering through kelp beds to a remote snowbound shoreline. Skiing from a sailboat might seem unusual, but the access and comfort that a sailboat provides is difficult to beat. Each day we wake up in a different fjord and enjoy . . .


A memorable trip in the great bear, 2016

I have spent very little time on a sailboat, almost none in fact. I have spent some time on small cruise boats in the open ocean, and for most of that time I was, unfortunately, seasick. So when the opportunity came to run a sea kayak trip off of a sailboat, I was both hesitant and excited to say the least.   My excitement came from the fact that we would be exploring the Great . . .