The simple life in Raja Ampat

Camping, Homestay, Kayak

The simple life in Raja Ampat

I always feel a sense of home when I am finally sitting under the thatched roof of our first homestay in Raja Ampat. The whole homestay is on raised walkways over the water, creating a symphony of ocean sounds. The array of tropical bird calls in the jungle canopy adds to the symphony. I sit under the shade of  the thatched roofed lounging area, and watch as the sun begins to set in the west. . . .

Camping, Kayak

Luxury for the Die Hard Campers!

  My first thought as we settled into our homestay on day one of our trip in Raja Ampat was that I never wanted the trip to end. Our neat and tidy homestay was elevated above the turquoise water by stilts, with thatched roof above and a beautiful view that allowed us to watch the world go by and leave all the cares of our modern world behind. Our world, for the next 7 days, . . .