A Kayak Adventure in the Marquesas

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A Kayak Adventure in the Marquesas

I am sure you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats for the last several weeks, awaiting this blog about the actual kayak adventure in the Marquesas. As you know, the first post was about the challenges of getting this trip off the ground. This post is about our incredible adventure as we kayaked, hiked, dove and sailed around the Islands.  Our first adventure of the trip was a hike to a . . .


Luxurious B&B kayaking journey in the Arctic Circle: Villages and Vikings of The Lofoten Islands

Experience the ultimate adventure with a luxurious B&B kayaking journey in the Arctic Circle. Norway, a land of stunning fjords, vast glaciers, and Viking heritage, beckons to the adventurous traveler. The Lofoten Islands, nestled in the northern reaches of Norway above the Arctic Circle, offer unparalleled kayaking experiences amidst breathtaking scenery. Explore remote fishing villages steeped in Viking history as you paddle from one picturesque locale to another. Keep an eye out for majestic sea . . .

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Raja Ampat Misool 2020

    After a leisurely breakfast we were whisked from our hotels in a flurry of taxies to a sleepy jetty then on to our sturdy wooden ship. We arrived under the watchful eye of flocks of Frigate birds and after finding our cabins and going through a kayak brief we lifted  anchor and sail for the Islands of Misool. Steaming south, we enjoyed the view as we passed between the jungled Islands of Salawati . . .