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Destination trips from Polar Adventure tours to Tropical Expeditions. Experience the journey of a lifetime and unforgettable experiences long the way. Each trip has been designed to be unique and unparalleled. Whether you’re skiing in Antarctica or kayaking in Raja Ampat our Adventure Destinations will satisfy your need to explore.

From dugongs and manta rays in the tropics to polar bears and walruses in the Arctic. Ski tour in Antarctica or Iceland from sky to sea. Surf empty waves in complete isolation in the Sahara Desert. Whatever destination has piqued your interest, no matter how remote or impossible it may seem, we can get you there.


Alaska Kayaking Trips



Greenland Kayaking Adventure




Kamchatka Ski and Sailing Expedition

West Papua

Raja Ampat Kayaking and Homestay Experience

Papua New Guinea

Bougainville Surf Trip with Expedition Engineering

Baffin Island

Baffin island kayak and sail adventure


Marquesas Islands