Vast, remote, and largely unexplored, this frozen continent at the bottom of our planet is a world unto itself. Expedition Engineering offers intrepid travelers the chance to explore this breathtaking wilderness while skiing, kayaking, and sailing on an Antarctica multisport adventure. Ski across ancient glaciers as they carve between snow-capped peaks and pass sprawling penguin colonies that number in the thousands. From the heights of rocky ridgelines, witness awe-inspiring vistas dotted with towering icebergs and floes, carved by nature into fantastical shapes.

Our once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic adventures offer the rare opportunity to paddle pristine waters and earn lifetime bragging rights for skiing where few others have skied before. Antarctica is one of the last great wildernesses left on Earth.


  • Skip the Drake Passage and fly in and out of King George Island
  • Ski across ice sheets and glaciers while pioneering trails that nobody else has skied before
  • Paddle between towering icebergs glittering in the sunshine, often with seals basking on top in between feeds
  • Walk through massive colonies of penguins as they come ashore to breed, nest, and raise their young before returning to the sea to feed
  • Witness huge humpback whales breaching just meters from your zodiac as these gentle giants refuel before their long journey north
  • Marvel at the prehistoric leopard seals, as they actively hunt for penguins, and lazily sleep on low lying icebergs in the sun
  • Enjoy rare encounters with wildlife that have no fear of humans, allowing you to observe their behaviors up close


For much of the year, Antarctica is bitterly cold, with temperatures dipping far below zero and hurricane-force winds blasting the icy plains. But during the Antarctic summer from December to March, the climate along the northern Peninsula (which juts up towards South America) is relatively mild compared to the rest of the continent.

Temperatures often climb above freezing during the day and the calm, sunny conditions are ideal for our Antarctica multisport adventures. December and January offer the best weather and snow conditions for skiing in particular, allowing adventurers to carve through perfect powder or spring corn.

While daily highs range from -10 to +5 degrees Celsius (15 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summertime, the mercury can plunge rapidly when clouds roll in, accompanied by powerful winds. Antarctica’s sheltered bays and channels provide some respite, although expeditioners should come prepared for all weather. It’s this refusal to be tamed that makes Antarctica such a special place.

Nature & Wildlife:

Aside from its spellbinding icy landscapes, the Antarctic Peninsula is teeming with wildlife, especially during the warm, summer months when food is plentiful. Massive humpback, minke, and fin whales numbering in the thousands migrate down to feast on the nutrient-rich plankton blooms that flourish in the summer. Orcas are also a common sight, cruising through the waters in search of seals and other prey.

Dotting the shores of the Peninsula are numerous colonies of penguins that nest during the spring and early summer, with activity heightened when parents return from fishing excursions to feed their hungry young. Weddell, crabeater, and leopard seals can be seen lounging lazily on ice flows, basking in the sun, or fighting one another for territory and mates. Meanwhile, Albatrosses, petrels, and skuas soar in the skies above, waiting patiently for prey to appear in the waters below.