Baffin Island

Baffin Island


Forming part of Canada’s Nunavut territory, Baffin Island multisport adventures remain largely unexplored territory for travelers.. While a few intrepid yachts have navigated the island’s icy waters, even fewer kayakers have paddled the entire length of Baffin’s jagged coastline. For those who undertake the journey, this striking island of ice and rock offers the chance to experience the raw beauty and majesty of the Far North.

On our Baffin Island adventure tours, you’ll paddle beneath towering cliffs of twisted rock and weave between glistening icebergs, freshly calved from massive tidewater glaciers. Despite being frigid, the waters are teeming with life, from magnificent whales to mighty walruses and the “unicorn of the sea” – the narwhal. While kayaking through this breathtakingly beautiful but extreme environment, you’ll experience the mystery and intrigue that surrounds this hidden corner of the globe.


  • Kayak selected sections of Baffin Island’s coastline – where very few if any have paddled before.
  • Witness stealthy polar bears, plump seals, and Arctic foxes in their natural habitat, with the chance to glimpse tusked narwhal
  • Enjoy creature comforts at the end of the day, returning to a cozy cabin and warm meals on your expedition yacht.
  • Sail across the Davis Strait, which connects Greenland’s west coast from Baffin Island on the adventure of a lifetime
  • Get up close to massive glaciers, towering rock walls, and majestic icebergs that are truly humbling in their size and scale


The summer months of June, July, and August bring the warmest temperatures to Baffin Island, although day-to-day conditions can be highly variable. By August, the average daytime highs are around 10°C (50°F), with the hottest summer days reaching up to 15°C (60°F). That being said, the temp can swing wildly from one day to the next, and brief showers are not uncommon.

Winds tend to be light to moderate during the summertime but they can shift direction and intensify rapidly. Though rare, snow flurries are also known to occur in August. When packing for our Baffin Island multisport trips, it’s wise to be prepared for anything from sunny, calm conditions to wet and blustery days.

Nature & Wildlife:

Baffin Island’s Arctic waters and expansive tundra serve as the ideal habitat for a diverse array of wildlife. Roaming across the snowy terrain are majestic polar bears, massive and powerful creatures that prowl the edges of the sea ice for ringed seals. Below the surface, the nutrient-rich waters draw pods of bowhead whales and narwhal, their spiraling tusks flashing as they surface near cracks in the ice.

Along the rocky shorelines, you’ll find lounging bearded seals while farther inland, herds of caribou forage on the island’s sparse vegetation. Joining them are arctic foxes, whose pure white coats perfectly camouflage them in the snow. In the skies above soar a variety of seabirds like thick-billed murres and black-legged kittiwakes, while snowy owls hunt from perches on high cliffs.