Surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Caucasus Mountains lies Svaneti, a region of staggering natural beauty that’s steeped in medieval history. Dominating this part of northwestern Georgia are jagged summits that top out at nearly 5,000 meters, including the snow-capped peak of Tetnuldi. It’s here on the border between Europe and Asia that you’ll find some of the world’s most exhilarating skiing.

Thanks to the seclusion provided by the Caucasus Mountains, Svaneti’s communities have remained remarkably intact over the centuries, earning many of the villages UNESCO World Heritage status. Ancient stone towers built to safeguard inhabitants from invaders dot the landscape while there’s a medieval aura in the cobblestone alleys, wooden houses, and centuries-old churches. It’s within this atmospheric setting that our Georgia skiing adventures take place.


  • Experience thrilling heli-skiing at elevations above 3,500 meters (11,500 feet) in the mighty Caucasus Mountains
  • Glide between immense glaciers, soaring ridge lines, and towering peaks, with limitless terrain at your disposal
  • Bunk down in comfortable hotel with mountain views while enjoying authentic Georgian cuisine and local wines
  • Discover the rich cultural heritage of Svaneti with its medieval stone towers and UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Enjoy fresh powder at the Tetnuldi Ski Resort, which boasts sensational views of Ushba, Shkhara and Tetnuldi mountains


February and March are the best months to ski in Svaneti before the seasons transition from winter to spring. Temperatures are stable through these two months and hover aroundd -10°C (14°F). February and March bring stable weather patterns delivering dry, deep powder.

Nature & Wildlife:

This remote region of Georgia is defined by its soaring, snow-capped summits and massive glaciers, which carve deep gorges into the valleys below. Thundering waterfalls cascade over sheer cliffs, fed by the perpetual melt of ancient ice, while the imposing alpine terrain shelters a diversity of wildlife that has adapted to the harsh conditions.

Sure-footed ibex scale the cliffs to access high grazing grounds while wolves stalk their prey on the forested valley floors. In the skies above, bearded vultures and golden eagles soar on updrafts, scanning the cliffs for marmots or chamois. Even the elusive snow leopard makes its home in this rugged terrain and is perfectly camouflaged for hunting on the windswept slopes.

When it comes to birdlife, the Caucasus Mountains are home to everything from elusive owls to energetic woodpeckers and stocky rock doves. A few species exist nowhere else in the world but on these slopes, including the Caucasian black grouse, the Caucasian snowcock, and the tiny Caucasian chiffchaff.