On our Greenland adventure tours, you witness a place of staggering natural beauty, inhabited by Inuit people who have long lived off the bounty of the land and sea through fishing and hunting. Snow-dusted mountains jut dramatically into the sky while massive glaciers rumble slowly across the landscape, calving off huge chunks of blue ice into the shimmering waters below. Sparsely populated with just a handful of colorful villages, on our Greenland adventure tours, visitors witness a place where nature still reigns supreme.

Whether cruising past calving glaciers in Disko Bay, skiing down thrilling mountain slopes, or spotting Arctic foxes and migratory whales, Greenland offers an unparalleled wilderness adventure. Our Greenland multisport tours venture well off the beaten track while offering insights into a way of life that is deeply intertwined with this awe-inspiring landscape. With its raw, humbling beauty. Greenland adventure tours is sure to take a traveler’s breath away.


  • Paddle the dramatic coastline of Greenland, carved by immense glaciers and peppered with traditional villages
  • Witness nesting seabirds, migrating whales, and unique Arctic wildlife found nowhere else on Earth
  • Sail around immense icebergs and through the awe-inspiring Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord – the longest in western Greenland
  • Encounter open glacier runs and steep couloir skiing across terrain that few have had the privilege of experiencing
  • Overnight in remote mountain huts surrounded by towering mountains, massive glaciers, and ice filled fjords
  • Get a bird’s eye view of Greenland’s icy landscapes on heli-skiing adventures from summit to sea


During the summer months from June to August, Greenland’s weather is relatively mild and stable, with temperatures averaging just above freezing and ample sunshine – ideal for our Greenland adventure tours. As the midnight sun beams down on the Arctic territory, the newly thawed fjords and bays come alive with marine mammals, making late summer the prime season for whale watching. As fall approaches, the tundra’s burst of summertime greenery fades, but travelers are rewarded with the vibrant glow of autumn foliage spreading across the Arctic landscape.

From late March through June, there are seemingly endless possibilities for descending the country’s untouched slopes on a Greenland ski adventure. The relatively mild spring temperatures keep the snowpack stable yet soft enough for incredible skiing, whether by dog sled or helicopter.

Nature & Wildlife:

Greenland’s icy landscapes are home to a diverse array of Arctic wildlife that has adapted to survive in the frigid conditions. Polar bears, perfectly camouflaged in their white fur coats, are often observed roaming from one ice floe to another in search of ringed seals to hunt. Below the icy waters, Greenland is frequented by fifteen different whale species that migrate to feast on the plentiful plankton. Minke, humpback, and fin whales are commonly seen slicing through the waters just meters from our kayaks. More elusive species like the unicorn-like narwhal, the all-white beluga, and the bowhead (which can live over 200 years) occasionally make appearances too.

On land, the resourceful Arctic fox can be found roaming the tundra, scanning for any scraps of food it can scavenge. Overhead, birds fill the skies – flocks of eiders and auks flap by as puffins and skuas soar on the sea breeze. Witness the impressive muskox, a gentle giant of the Greenland Landscape which lived millions of years ago and is still thriving today. This menagerie of Arctic wildlife, set against a backdrop of dramatic glaciers and icebergs, makes a Greenland hike and kayak adventure an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to visit.

Greenland adventure tours