Dubbed the “Land of Fire and Ice”, this remote Nordic nation is an island of contradictions. Lava-spewing volcanoes tower alongside icy glaciers while thundering waterfalls plunge down sheer cliffs to meet gurgling hot springs. While the urban capital of Reykjavik pulses with youthful energy, much of the island remains pristine wilderness largely untouched by humans.

For this reason, Iceland has become a mecca for adventure-seeking travelers, with everything from heli-skiing down powdery mountain slopes to sea kayaking past massive icebergs on offer. On our guided expeditions, you can hike across moss-covered lava fields, sail through remote fjords and spot rare Arctic wildlife, all while reveling in nature’s sheer grandeur.


  • Explore the isolated and untouched Hornstrandir Nature Reserve – one of the most staggeringly beautiful places in Iceland
  • Discover landscapes that are inaccessible by road and only visited by an intrepid few
  • Ski from the summits of rocky mountains to the shores of remote fjords while soaking up Iceland’s breathtaking scenery
  • Paddle the dramatic coastline of Greenland, carved by immense glaciers and peppered with traditional villages
  • Witness nesting seabirds, migrating whales, and unique Arctic wildlife found nowhere else on Earth
  • Sail around immense icebergs and through the awe-inspiring Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord – the longest in western Greenland


The spring months of March, April, and May offer some of the best skiing in Iceland, with fresh powder, relatively mild temperatures, and the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Days are starting to lengthen after the winter darkness and the “golden hour” light is magic. That being said, Icelandic springs can be highly changeable, with everything from calm, sunny skies to raging blizzards experienced within the space of a few hours.

In summer (June, July, and August), you can expect the warmest weather in Iceland, with average highs in the low teens climbing to around 20°C on the hottest days. Days are at their longest and there’s the opportunity to experience the Midnight Sun in late June. This makes it an ideal time for our hiking, kayaking, and sailing expeditions in the Westfjords. Greenland summers can be highly variable, with highs hovering around 6°C and relatively little rainfall. Winds remain generally light, adding to the pleasant conditions.

Nature & Wildlife:

With immense glaciers, towering rock formations, and glassy fjords, our Iceland expeditions will expose you to nature at its most magnificent. As we traverse the icy landscapes, keep your eyes peeled for Arctic foxes camouflaged against the snow, together with kittiwakes, puffins, and Arctic terns nesting on the cliff sides.

In the water, colossal humpback, fin, and orca whales are regularly spotted, together with white-beaked dolphins and the occasional sperm whale. Harbour, ringed and bearded seals often come to bask on the rocky shores, their playful antics a welcome sight. A highlight is catching a glimpse of elusive narwhals off the waters of Greenland, with these toothed whales famed for their unicorn-like tusks. Or catch a glimpse of a polar bear, hunting off the ice flows near Greenland.