Marquesas Kayak, Hike and Sail Adventure

Trip Overview


10 Days




4500 Euros




2023 - Dec 30 - Jan 8 - One Cabin Available
2024 - Jan 10-19 - Two Cabins Available

What makes this trip special

  • Explore the most remote Island group in the world
  • Hike dormant volcanoes, dense jungle, deep valleys
  • Kayak the basalt coastline with caves and sea arches
  • Refresh on our luxury yacht as a home base
  • Discover the unique Marquesas culture with tiki sculptures in hidden forest locations

The Tour

This is a ten day exploratory trip based on an 18m catamaran. We will endeavour to kayak, hike, and explore the cultural aspects of the islands. We will paddle calm bays and rugged coastline. Paddling beneath 1000m basalt cliffs, we will explore cliffs and sea caves. We will explore the cultural heritage of the islands through hikes that take us to ancient sculptures and significant anthropomorphic structures. Our hikes will take us to spectacular viewpoints where we will see lush valleys, volcanic peaks, and the pacific ocean colliding with the rugged coastline.

The Place

The Marquesas Islands are a group of 15 jungle clad volcanic Islands rising straight out of the pacific ocean to the east of Tahiti. They are part of  French Polynesian Tahiti, but offer a very different experience to the well known and very developed Tahiti. Because of the remote and rugged nature of the Marquesas Islands, there is very little development, no resorts, and very few organized tours.  The local people are polynesians, and have a unique language, culture, art, and religious beliefs.

The Weather

The Marquesas Islands sit close to to the equator, and the Islands in the South-East have the most rainfall, while the Islands in the North West are considered semi-arid. The temperatures throughout the year vary between 24 to 31 degrees celsius, and the water temperature hovers around 28 degrees year round. The dry and calm season is November to March, but rainfall amounts vary between islands even during the dry season.


Our main mode of exploration during this trip will be kayaking. Depending on the weather each day, we will explore protected bays or more exposed and rugged coastlines. The basalt nature of these islands offers the potential for sea caves and arches and lots of rock hopping. We will land on remote, black sand beaches and enjoy swims in the tropical water of Tahiti!


The hiking on the Marquesas Islands is not to be missed, as the view from the tops of the mountain spines are incredible! With a maximum of 1200m of elevation gain, the view points are a marvel as we peer over the steep valleys, the volcanic cones, and the pacific ocean rolling past these islands. Hiking allows us the opportunity to visit local villages and experience culturally significant sites filled with tiki sculptures.

Other Activities

The Marquesas is home to wild horses, and the local people have integrated the horse into their culture and lives. Horseback riding is an optional activity for those interested.

What's Included

  • 10 days and 9 nights onboard a luxury catamaran
  • All meals while on trip
  • 1 dedicated captain, first mate and chef
  • 1 western kayak guide
  • full fleet of kayaks consisting of 3 doubles and 3 singles
  • all kayaking gear

What's Not Included

  • Flight to Papeete
  • Flights to and from Nuka Hiva
  • Alcohol
  • Hotels and transfers in Papeete

Trip Itinerary

Being an exploratory trip, our itinerary is very general so that we are free to seize the day, alter plans, and go with the flow. Participants on this trip need to be prepared for the unknown, change of plans, and a very flexible 10 days.

Day 1

Pick up from Nuka Hiva airport and transport to our Catamarain

Day 2-9

Exploring Nuka Hiva and Ua Hula Islands

Day 10

Transport to Nuka Hiva Airport. End of trip.


The Yacht

Our catamaran is an 18m luxury boat.  With ample outdoor lounging areas (both covered and uncovered) spacious indoor dining area, and four well appointed cabins each with their own ensuite, we will be in a rugged and remote environment while enjoying the luxuries of a yacht.

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