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Mergui Archipelago Myanmar


23rd Nov - 2nd Dec 2019 - Full
2nd - 11th December 2019 - 2 spots remaining

What makes this trip special

–  The ability to explore a remote tropical paradise.
– Spectacular coastal scenery, sea cliffs, sea caves, sea arches and stunning beaches.
– 8 days on board a luxury catamaran
– Fantastic sea kayaking opportunities in an area that very few people have paddled.
–  The opportunity to meet the Moken Sea Gypsies.
– Excellent snorkelling opportunities

The Tour

Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, with more than 800 limestone and granite islands, is a kayaking paradise. The islands are cloaked with tropical rainforest that contains a variety of terrestrial animals such as deer, monkeys and numerous exotic bird species. The  shoreline is punctuated by gorgeous sandy beaches, rocky headlands, fringing reefs and mangrove forests. Each island is different, providing variety and interest to each kayaking outing.   The marine ecology is highly diverse containing dolphins, whales, sharks and if we’re lucky dugongs.  Using a 51ft Catamaran we’ll sail through the island chain in absolute comfort. With a dedicated fleet of sea kayaks on board we’ll explore as many of the area’s magical secrets as possible.

The Place

Myanmar is one of the most amazing and least travelled destinations on the planet.
Also known as Burma, it’s a land blessed with spectacular scenery, breathtaking landscapes and a fascinating history and culture. Our kayak journey will focus on the South Eastern corner of Myanmar, an area known as the Mergui Archipelago. This island chain extends 400km north from  border with Thailand, and contains more than 800 limestone and granite islands.  There is very little tourism, meaning the islands are incredibly pristine and well preserved.  The area is a kayaking paradise, the islands contain a huge variety of kayaking experiences from long sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs to extensive mangrove systems and rugged cliff lines.
The areas traditional people, the Moken, are a semi nomadic “sea-faring” culture who’s lifestyle is heavily based on the ocean. They spend most of their lives on boats in the Mergui  Archipelago foraging and hunting for marine flora and fauna.

The Weather

November to April is the best time of year to visit the Mergui Archipelago. During this period the weather is normally stable with sunny skies and light winds. Day time highs normally reach between 26 and 30 deg C, and cool off to 21 to 25 deg C at night.

What's Included

  • Eight nights on the yacht
  • All meals from lunch on day 2 to lunch on day 9
  • Sea Kayaks, paddles, lifejackets, skirts and safety equipment
  • Dedicated Kayak guide
  • Dedicated Chef and Skipper
  • Sailing Instruction
  • Accommodation in Ranong before and after the trip.
  • Permit to enter the Mergui Archipelago

What's Not Included

  •  Flights
  •  Airport transfers
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals while in Ranong

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in the town of Ranong Thailand . Check into the Tinidee  Hotel. Evening meeting in the hotel lobby at 7pm.

Day 2 –  Kawthuang and Barwell Island

Transfer to Ranong harbor, we’ll take a long tail boat across the Pakchan river to Myanmar and the town of Kawthuang.
After clearing customs, we’ll board the catamaran Mahayana, get settled and set sail for Barwell Island about 30km from Kawthuang. We’ll aim to go for an evening paddle. L,D

Day 3 –  Buda Island 

Morning catamaran transit to the triple Islets south of Buda Island. We will anchor in front of a beautiful sand spit and enjoy a refreshing swim and snorkel during the heat of the day. Mid afternoon we will circumnavigate the western island in triplet islands. A mix of gorgeous beaches and cliff lined coast will greet us as we paddle in the turquoise green waters.

Day 4 – Peaked Island and Great Swinton Island

We will transit west and stop at the stunning Peaked Island.  A beautiful white sand beach situated within a jagged rocky island is a perfect stop for snorkeling. As we snorkel, we will see small reef sharks, a variety of fish, and coral. After our refreshing snorkel, we will transit to Great Swinton Island. We will enjoy paddling beside stunning sea cliffs, sea caves, arches and sea stacks. We will be picked up by the catamaran at a beautiful beach where we can swim and snorkel.

Day 5 – Lord Loughborough Island

As we enter the westerly part of the Mergui archipelago, the landscape changes dramatically as granite and limestone cliffs dominate. We will paddle along the West coast of Lord Loughborough and marvel at the incredible rock formations, cliff walls and dense jungle.  The feel of our days on the water will change as the Islands take on a much more rugged and dramatic feel. After a stunning paddle of Lord Loughborough Island, we will anchor in a protected bay on the south coast of the Island.

Day 6 – Ba Wei Island and Macleod Island

We’ll start the day with a stunning morning transit over to Ba Wei Island. Here we will paddle below 350 m cliff walls, paddle into numerous caves, and enjoy the incredible views of these stunning islands.
Another short transit during the afternoon and we’ll arrive in a string of island just north of Macleod. To celebrate the heat of the day we’ll go for a snorkel and swim.
In the afternoon we will paddle through these small island featuring stunning sea cliffs punctuated with beautiful pocket beaches. The catamaran will follow us as we move south, finishing at our paddle at an incredibly beautiful isthmus beach.


Day 7 – Macleod Island and Hero Islands

Early start this morning, we’ll beat the mid day heat and  continue our paddle south along Macleod, the coastline becomes more and more rugged as we encounter caves, cliff walls, and sea stacks.  We’ll finish this paddle at another stunning beach where the catamaran will meet us.
After a short transit in the Catamaran while having lunch and by the early afternoon we’re back in the kayaks exploring the Hero Islands. These two islands are exceptionally dramatic, featuring towering rock walls and impressive rock spires. In the later afternoon we’ll transit further south to Say Tan Island, anchoring in a small protected bay with stunning white sand beach

Day 8 –  Limestone Islands

Early start, we’ll paddle through an island group of stunning limestone islands. We’ll explore hidden lagoons, immense caves and impressive cliff walls containing huge stalactites.
These islands also contain the areas best snorkeling opportunities, we’ll make frequent stops to explore this amazing underwater world.

Day 9 – Kawthuang & Ranong

A sunrise paddle or swim provides the perfect send off and the perfect lasting memories of this incredible archipelago.
We’ll have breakfast as we transfer over to Kawthuang and go through the customs formalities. We’ll then take the longtail boat across to Ranong and check back into the Tinidee Hotel. Final dinner in Ranong.

Day 10  – Fly Out 


The Yacht


Myanmar adventure


Myanmar adventuresMahayana is a 51ft custom built Aluminium catamaran, she is perfectly set up to explore the wonderful Mergui Islands.
The main attraction of this yacht is her sheer abundance of space, both above and below deck. Her 4 double cabins (2 with their own ensuite bathrooms, and 2 with a shared bathroom) are all extremely comfortable and spacious. All come with electric fans, reading lights, roof & side hatches allowing for good ventilation.
In the communal areas, she offers a large dining table within the saloon or the option to eat outside under the stars.
The trampoline area with its numerous bean bags is the perfect place to sit back and relax feeling the wind against your face while under sail, either reading a book or taking in the spectacular views on offer


Myanmar adventures - kayaking




Yacht Specs

Length –  51ft
Number of Guest Cabins – 4
Number of Guest Bathrooms – 3
Water maker with 500 litre capacity

The Cabins


Myanmar Kayak Adventure

There are four guest cabins all located in the pontoons of the catamaran. There are two cabins with king beds and private ensuites. As well as 2 cabins with double  beds and shared ensuites.  All cabins are well ventilated with roof and side hatches , have electric fans and private reading lights.  There is plenty of space to store gear as well as a couple 220 volt charging stations to keep your electronics topped up.



Myanmar kayak adventure

The Living Spaces

Mahayana features a large saloon with plenty of space for meals or for quiet relaxing time. There is also the trampoline area with a number of bean bags which is the perfect place to take in the views or to sleep under the stars.

The Facilities

Mayahana features two private ensuite bathrooms with a toilet, sink and shower in each. As well as two shared bathrooms with toilet, sink and shower.


Myanmar kayak adventureMyanmar-kayak-adventureMyanmar kayak adventure


Route Map

Myanmar kayak tour

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of weather can we expect?
Tropical, the average day time high in November and December is 26-30 degrees C with light winds and generally sunny skies. At night it cools off to 21-25 degrees C. Rain is possible at any time of day, but normally doesn't last long.
How do I get to Ranong?
There are direct flights from Bangkok to Ranong with Air Asia and NOK air both airlines depart from Don Mueang Airport(Bangkok). There are also regular connections by bus and mini van which take about 6-8 hours from Bangkok.
Are Sharks or Crocodiles a concern?
No, there are no crocodiles in the area. There are black tip reef sharks but they are small and do not attack humans.
Is there communication onboard the boat?
There is very little mobile coverage once we leave port in Myanmar. We may pick up sporadic mobile coverage close to small villages. For emergencies there is a satellite phone onboard the yacht.
Can I charge my electronics onboard the boat?
Yes, the boat has multiple 220 volt outlets. There is plenty of opportunities to charge your electronics.
What is the food like onboard?
The Food is excellent. Meals are generally Thai cuisine with a strong emphasis towards fish and chicken. We are happy to cater for vegetarians and other special dietary requirements. Please let us know at the time of booking. It’s a good idea to bring along some of your own dietary substitutes if you have a specialist diet.
Do I need to be an expert paddler?
Kayakers should be of an intermediate standard and have paddled before on outings up to 12km in length. You do not have to be an expert or know how to roll but should have an adventurous spirit and recognise that the weather will influence greatly what we can and can't do.
Do I need a Visa to enter Thailand or Myanmar?
Most Western nations receive a visitor’s Visa upon entry into Thailand, this does not cost anything. On day 2 of our trip we will enter Myanmar where we will obtain a special permit to enter the Mergui area. This costs about $400 USD and is covered in the trip costs. If you plan to stay in Myanmar after the trip finished you will need to apply for a visa.
Is Malaria a problem / do I need other vaccinations?
Malaria is present in rural Myanmar but rare. Guests are advised to wear insect repellant as well as long sleeves and long pants during the evenings and to consult your doctor about malaria medication - certain Malaria medications can have negative side affects. Vaccinations – Consult with your doctor but Hep A, B and C is advised as is Tetonis and Typhoid.
What language do they speak in Myanmar?
There are about 100 languages spoken in Myanmar. Burmese is the native language of the Bamar people and is the language that is mostly spoken in the Mergui Archipelago.

Trip Reviews

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