Prince William Sound 2015


Prince William Sound Sea Kayak Adventure!

I don’t have a checklist of things I want to see or places I want to go, as life always seems to present better experiences then I ever could have planned.

BUT, if I did have a checklist of things to see, this is what it would have looked like for the recent Expedition Engineering trip to Prince William Sound, AK.

1 Day of Heavy Rain   ✔

6 Days of Hot Sun    ✔

6 Black bear               ✔

Humpback whales                                         ✔

Humpback Whales lunge feeding               ✔

Coho salmon-caught on a hand line           ✔

Coho for breakfast, lunch, and supper!      ✔

Glaciers                       ✔

Glaciers Calving         ✔

Sea Otter                    ✔

Sea Otter Pups          ✔

Last but not least-GREAT COMPANY!         ✔

Thanks to everyone for an amazing trip, Can’t wait to get out there again and see more of the incredible, vast Alaskan Wilderness.