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Antarctica Peninsula


2024/25 - January 17 to 27 - Full
2025/26 - Please Enquire

What makes this trip special

Experience the antarctic aboard our “Adventure” vessel, where the focus is on outside adventures, as we ski, kayak and hike our way along the Antarctic Peninsula. Ski the Glaciers and rugged mountains of the southern most continent. Tour past vast penguin colonies. Witness awe inspiring vistas of an ocean of icebergs as you descend on skis from rugged peaks. This is the trip of lifetime!

The Tour

Using Elsi, a schooner specifically designed and built to explore the most remote and inhospitable parts of the world, we will confidently cruise through the wilds of Antarctica on this ski trip. Elsi, small enough to feel like a true expedition boat, but large enough to reach remote destinations.

The Antarctic Peninsula will be our playground for 11 days as we work with the weather and conditions to explore this area by ski and by kayak. Each day will find us ski touring new objectives, often past penguin colonies, on glaciers, and up rugged mountain peaks. Or paddling through iceberg filled bays past enormous glacier fronts.

With so many adventure activities onboard the Elsi, its easy for non-skiing and non paddling family or friends to join this adventure. From skiing, sea kayaking, hiking, to zodiac tours, there is something for everyone.

The Place

Nowhere on Earth compares to the Antarctic Peninsula, a place of ice, rock and ocean. It is vast, remote and spectacular. Absolutely perfect for an Antarctica ski tour!

It’s the most northern region of Antarctic, granting it a relatively mild climate and making it more accessible than other parts of Antarctica.

The mountains on the Peninsula rise straight up out of the ocean, the highest of which is Mount Jackson at 3184m. The extent of glaciation in Antarctica is the highest in the world, it is spectacular to witness these massive glaciers that descend down the mountains and terminate in the fiords. Especially, when you can uniquely witness it while skiing.

Wildlife is abundant, large populations of humpback, minke and fin whales migrate down to the Peninsula to feed on the rich plankton blooms every summer. Orcas are commonly sighted as they ply through the rich polar waters for seals. There are numerous penguin colonies dotted throughout the Peninsula, the spring and early summer is nesting time for the pelagic birds. It’s a hive of activity in these colonies as the parents of the newly born chicks return from hunting escapades. The penguins have no fear of humans allowing us to get very close to them without disturbing them. Weddell, crabeater and leopard seals are abundant and we often see them lazing on ice flows completely oblivious to our presence.

Icebergs fill the fiords, each is unique having been shaped differently by the elements. Paddling or cruising close to these icebergs is an experience like no other. The Peninsula will leave an impression on you, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

The Weather

Generally the weather in Antarctica is stable in the summer with sunny days and light winds, it can however be overcast or even stormy. Temperatures hover between -10C and +5C.


This trip is suited for skiers, kayakers as well as those who do not want to ski or kayak, making it the perfect vacation for couples or families looking to do different things while in Antarctica. Generally the skiers will look to go skiing on days when the skies are clear and the visibility is good, however we will try to go skiing at every opportunity. The kayakers are looking for less windy days, and visibility or some wind isn’t a problem. With the skiers and  kayakers out on their own adventure the non-activity based guests will  have a dedicated zodiac and driver/interpretative guide to take you to penguin colonies, historic sights, go for a short hike or cruise around in a zodiac getting really close to icebergs interacting with incredible wildlife or exploring glacier fronts.

Ski touring The skiing in Antarctica is almost all done on  glaciers, and  the  peaks are rugged-generally rising to 1500m above sea level. Guests need to be proficient skiers and have previous ski touring experience. With a ratio of 1 guide to six  guess, we can accommodate differing  abilities with multiple ski groups.  We will often be roped up as we ascend the peninsula’s glaciers. The conditions can be anything from powder to spring like corn skiing, depending on the conditions of the week.

Sea Kayaking is another activity option during the trip. Sea kayak with whales, penguins, leopard  seals, and icebergs. Truly immerse yourself in the aquatic world of the Antarctic. Minke whales, humpback whales are orca are regular paddling companions.

Zodiac Tours are another option  for those looking for slightly less  physical excursion but still want to enjoy all the incredible experiences of the Antarctic.  Visiting penguin colonies,  historical sites, and tidewater glaciers,  you won’t miss out!

What's Included

  • Charter Flight Punta Arenas to Hing George Island (Antarctica)
  • 10 nights onboard Elsi
  • All meals on board the ship
  • All shore excursions from the ship including  zodiacs
  • Expedition Guide Services – Ski guides and Kayak Guides
  • Kayaks and Kayaking Equipment
  • Port taxes and charges imposed by government authorities

What's Not Included

  • Flights to and from Punta Arenas
  • Single Supplements
  • Visas, passport and  vaccination charges and airport departure tax
  • Hotels and meals not included in the voyage itinerary
  • optional excursions not included in the  voyage itinerary
  • Laundry,  personal clothing,  medical expenses, personal travel insurance and items  of  a personal nature  such as bar charges and phone/email charges
  • Emergency evacuation charges

Trip Itinerary

This is an 11 day Antarctica ski trip and multisport expedition that starts and finishes in Punta Arenas. This itinerary is subject to weather and ocean conditions for the duration of the trip.

Day 1 – Meet Punta Arenas airport,  charter flight to King George Island. Meet Elsi and the crew and move onboard.
Safety and environmental briefings.

Day 2 – Transit to Yankee Harbour on Greenwich Island. Morning ski and kayak outing.
Move across to Livingstone Island afternoon ski and kayak outing.

Day 3 – Transit to Deception Island, discover the history and tales of the old Whale Station, hike up to Neptune’s Window, ski and kayak outing.

Day 4 – Transit to Enterprise Island. Ski Nansen Island. Kayak around Enterprise Island and through an iceberg graveyard.

Day 5 – Curverville Island – Visit the Gentoo Penguin colony, ski Mount Tenant, kayak the Errera Channel

Day 6 & 7 – Transit to Paradise Harbour – Lots of kayaking and skiing objectives exist in this area as well a number fun non activity outings

Day 8 – Transit through the LeMaire Channel – Kayak and zodiac cruise Pleneau Harbour, ski Mt Scott.

Day 9 – Visit Vernadsky  Base, Ski Mount Mill, Kayak the Argentine Islands.

Day 10 – Port Lockroy – Visit the English base and gift store. Ski Doumer Island or Mount Jabet. Kayak the Neumayer Channel. Transit to King George Island in the afternoon.

Day 11 – Disembark in the am, fly to Punta Arenas


Kayak Baffin Island

Elsi is 38 meters long, 7 meters wide boat.  The boat was built in 1986 at a German shipyard as an expedition training vessel. It went through an extensive refit in 2013 and was used for humanitarian expeditions in remote parts of the world, Elsi started it’s new life as an expedition sail boat in the Arctic and Antarctica in 2022.
Elsi is sturdy, comfortable, and perfect for reaching out of the way, unique places


Baffin Island Adventure


There are two cabin options for guests. The boat has 3, twin share cabins with upper and lower bunks and 3 triple cabins. There are 3 bathrooms with toilet, sink and shower. The dining area is massive and comfortable, our onboard chef will keep us well fed with hearty and tasty meals. The upper deck is huge providing plenty of space to storage equipment and to relax while enjoying the incredible scenery. If you’d prefer to stay warm but don’t want to miss anything there is also a large pilothouse which stays toasty warm.








Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of weather can expect?
Usually the summer brings higher pressure and settled weather but be prepared for everything from dead calm and sunny days to blizzard conditions and lots of snow. The average temperature is 0 degrees C during January.
Is there communication onboard the boat?
There is satellite communications onboard through satellite phones and an onboard satellite email service.
Do we ski really steep slopes?
Generally no, Antarctica is incredible glaciated. Anything that is really steep is normally very crevassed. We look for fun skiing in the 28 to 40 degree rage
Are Split boarders welcome?
Yes, of course as long as you have experience in the backcountry as a split boarder
Can I charge my electronics onboard the boat?
Yes, the boat has multiple 220 volt outlets. There is plenty of opportunities to charge your electronics.
What is the food like onboard?
The Food is excellent. Meals are hearty and made with local Argentine produce and ingredients as much as possible. We are happy to cater for vegetarians and other special dietary requirements. Please let us know at the time of booking. It’s a good idea to bring along some of your own dietary substitutes if you have a specialist diet.
Do I need to be an expert skier?
Skiers should be of an advanced standard and have completed multiple ski tours to feel comfortable on this trip. You should be able ski tour up about 1000 meters/3600 feet per day and be able to ski down black diamond runs comfortably. You should also have an adventurous spirit and recognize that the weather will influence greatly what we can and can't do.
Is the ski gear and avalanche gear provided?
No, all guests must bring their own ski and avalanche gear. Guests should be familiar with their avalanche equipment and have used their ski equipment before the trip begins.
What is the skiing like the Antarctic?
Normally the skiing is very good. The conditions can be highly variable, we can be skiing powder, corn snow and everything in between but with a lot of different aspects and terrain to use we can almost always find some great skiing.
Is there a high avalanche risk?
Not normally. Being a coastal snowpack with mild temperatures most instabilities settle out quickly.
Do I need a Visa to enter Antarctica?
No, we will take care of all the required Antarctic permits.

Trip Reviews

Such an incredible experience, like nothing I’ve ever done before

James Costa USA

What a place, what an adventure. We’ll definitely be back

Jim Doffe Canada

Skiing in Antarctica gives you a completely different perspective of this incredible place. Looking down on hundreds of icebergs surrounded by towering mountains and massive glaciers is something I’ll never forget. Oh good skiing too

Sharon Costa – Switzerland

A wonderful week of skiing, so much fun. Polar Pioneer is the perfect boat for this trip.

Cameron Keith UK

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