Trip Overview


8 days




10000 Euros


Mestia, Svaneti


2025 - Coming soon

What makes this trip special

  • A Ski Adventure In A Remote And Historic Region
  • Stay In A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • High Elevation, Big-Mountain Terrain
  • Exploration And First Descents

The Tour

Join us on a heli ski expedition to the historic and mountainous Svaneti region of northwestern Georgia. This is not just a skiing adventure, but an opportunity to explore an ancient land and its culture. We’ll be skiing in the Upper Caucasus range; this is big-mountain, high elevation helicopter skiing, with most runs starting at elevations above 3500 meters (11,500’).

Svaneti’s jaw-dropping terrain is on a different scale to most other ski destinations: towering peaks, enormous glaciers and massive ridge lines. With limitless terrain at our disposal, our guides will work hard to find the best snow and ski runs to suit the group’s desires.
At the end of each ski day, we’ll return to a comfortable mountain lodge in the middle of Mestia, the main town of the Svaneti region. There we’ll enjoy traditional Georgian cuisine, local wines and a good night’s rest.


The Place

Svaneti is a spectacular region in northwestern Georgia, a place where wild and picturesque mountains meet fascinating medieval villages brimming with culture. The UNESCO World Heritage listed communities in Svaneti are dominated by stone house towers that were once used as a method of defence against raiders. As many as 200 of these towers, which are 20-25m in height, can be seen in a single village and the oldest date back to the 8th century. Thanks to Svaneti’s isolation these towers have been preserved and remain today as a testament to the area’s history.

Mountains in the region top 4000m, and Tetnuldi is the highest at 4,974m. Europe’s highest peak, Mt Elbrus, is a mere 20kms to the north. These rugged mountains dominate the skyline throughout Svaneti and give way to deep gorges and immense valleys.
There are two good ski resorts in the area, Tetnuldi Resort and Hatsvali-Mestia. On days when flying isn’t possible we’ll have the option to ski these resorts, go ski touring or explore some of the historic villages in the region.

The Weather

February, March and April are the best months to ski in Svaneti. The days are long, and we can expect temperatures ranging from -10 deg C to -2 deg C. High pressure systems become more common as we get further into spring, providing sunny skies and light winds. It’s not uncommon to have a whole week of sunny weather.

Travel to Georgia

Georgia is open for travel for visitors who are fully vaccinated.

What's Included

  • 2 Certified Guides
  • 7 nights accommodation while in Mestia at the Paliani Hotel– twin share rooms
  • All meals while in Mestia
  • Ground Transportation – Batumi to Mestia and back
  • 10 hours of Flight Time in an A star Helicopter – B3 – 2 groups of 4 skiers.
  • Avalanche equipment – Beacon, shovel, probe and Air Bag backpack
  • Turkish Airlines flight – Istanbul to Batumi return.
  • Accommodation in Batumi at the end of the trip

*Additional flight hours can be purchased for 2400 Euros which will be divided up amongst the group

What's Not Included

  • Flights into Georgia
  • Alcohol
  • Travel Insurance
  • Ski/Snowboard Equipment
  • Meals while not in Mestia

*Alcohol can be purchased from the hotel in Mestia, 2 Euros per glass of beer, 8 Euros for a bottle of wine.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Fly from Istanbul to Batumi Georgia with Turkish Airlines. Ground transport to Mestia. Check in to the Hotel, welcome meeting.

D. Accommodation Provided.

Day 2 – Day 6

Heli skiing in the Caucasus Range, roaming far and wide to experience the most of these incredible mountains. Epic 2000 meter runs amongst 5000m peaks and on most days we’ll average 10,000m or more vertical. There will be plenty of time to explore the history and culture of the region when we’re not on the slopes.

B-L-D. Hotel Accommodation

Day 7

Ski in the morning, ground transport to Batumi in the evening.  Accommodation in Batumi.

B-L Hotel Accommodation

Day 8

Fly out – Trip Finishes

No Meals included.

Daily Schedule. The daily schedule will be determined by weather and conditions.

8:30       Breakfast
9:45       Transfer to helicopter fully outfitted to ski for the day
10:00     Heli-Skiing
13:00     Lunch on the mountain or in a hotel
14:00     Heli-Skiing
16:00     Apres-ski and relaxation.
18:00     Dinner
19:00.    Bar, video, lounge



We’ll stay at the Paliani Hotel in downtown Mestia. Perched right on the river and with fantastic views of the surrounding mountains the hotel is an amazing place to relax after a full day of skiing. The hotel is brand new and features tasteful, traditional decor,  a full service restaurant, a comfy lounge and 24 hour reception.
Each comfortable and well appointed room features a private bathroom, spectacular mountain views and Satellite Television there is free Wi Fi throughout the hotel.
The Hotel has a helicopter pad located next to the property. Our helicopter will be stationed there providing easy and quick access to the machine. You can walk out the front door skis in hand, hop into the helicopter and be skiing in minutes.

Guests will have many opportunities to try Georgian cuisine. Traditional cuisine is a feature of every dinner, such as Kubdari, a Georgian flatbread stuffed with lamb, cheese, onions and herbs and spices.

The wine is not to be missed. Georgia has an 8,000 year history of wine making, with a large selection of wine throughout the country, and good bottles costing as little as 8 Euros.

Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the skiing like in Svaneti?
Normally it's excellent. With lots of terrain at our disposal, a variety of aspects and elevation to work we can normally find excellent skiing conditions. If the weather prevents us from flying we can ski at two resorts close to Mestia.
What is the weather like in the Spring?
High Pressure start to build in March and April. This brings sunny conditions and light winds. Temperatures range from -2 C to -10 C. Storms can still happen in the spring and if we can't fly because of weather we will ski at one of the two ski resorts in the area.
Do I need ski equipment?
Yes. You need to bring your own ski or snowboard equipment. It is possible to rent equipment in Mestia but we can't guarantee the right equipment will be available.
Are snowboarders welcome?
Yes, of course, We love snowboarders.
Is it dangerous in Svaneti?
Yes it is safe in Georgia and Svaneti. There is little military presence and no tension with Russia. Mestia is a small town, the locals are welcoming and friendly.
Is Avalanche Equipment provided?
Yes. We will provide you with a Probe, shovel, beacon and backpack with airbags. You are welcome to bring your own beacon, we will test it before going skiing.
Do I need to be an advanced skier or snowboarder?
Yes. We don't accept beginners on this trip. You should be able to ski a black diamond run with ease and confidence. If you have a group of intermediate riders we can accommodate you.
What's the accommodation like?
Very comfortable, it's 4 stars. Please see the accommodation tab for more details.

Trip Reviews

Epic week of skiing in the high mountains of Svaneti, perfect snow, great food and awesome people

Romano Costa – Switzerland

Superb, absolutely Superb

Paolo Andriolo – Italy

Just emailing to say I had a great time last week – definitely the best week skiing I’ve had, but also combined with great food, interesting culture and of course fun people too!
Thanks for all your efforts in making sure it all ran smoothly, and for being really fun to ski with! It was an amazing adventure and I definitely want to ski on one of your trips again 🙂

Arthur Wellesley – England

Best ski holiday I’ve ever had, thanks a lot for such an incredible experience

Andy Edwards – USA

Awesome week of powder skiing. Great snow, great terrain, great people, great place

Markus Trussel – Switzerland

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