TRIP SUSPENDED – Kamchatka Ski Touring and Sailing


7 days


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SUSPENDED - We are not offering our Kamchatka trip at this time due to the war with Ukraine.


Kamchatka, Russia -TRIP SUSPENDED


Trip Suspended - We are not offering our Kamchatka trip at this time due to the war with Ukraine

What makes this trip special

The Kamchatka Ski Adventure uses a 60 foot catamaran as a floating base to access and explore one of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. The coastal mountains of the Kamchatka Peninsula have hundreds of incredible ski possibilities. Many are virgin descents, providing an excellent opportunity for adventurous ski tourers. Summits range from 500 meters to 2000 meters. The terrain is highly varied from mellow wide open bowls to steep faces and couloirs.

  • A real ski touring adventure in one of the most remote places in the world
  • 7 days on board an expedition sailboat, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery
  • Fantastic ski traverses with the ability to start the day in one fiord and finish in another
  • Skiing down to the ocean at the end of every day
  • Lots of different terrain choices to suit all levels of ability
  • A unique cultural experience
  • Explore the area by kayak as well as skis

The Tour

We will spend 6 full days skiing from the Bering Sea up into the mountains that line the horizon to the south of Petropavlovsk. This area is wild and free of people. There are numerous virgin summits in the area, many with fantastic ski lines beckoning to be shredded for the first time. This trip is well suited to adventurous ski tourers who don’t mind a little added comfort. Our daily ascents will range from 1000m to 2000m. There are a lot of opportunities to complete longer tours and mini traverses. The terrain is well set up for all skier abilities. There is everything from mellow cruisey runs to steep committing faces and couloirs.

The catamaran is a welcomed reward after a hard day of skiing. The dedicated chef will recharge us with filling, high-carb Russian meals and after a couple of cold beverages and a hot shower we’re ready to do it all again.

The yacht comes with a dedicated crew and captain. The group is joined by a fully certified ski guide who will run the ski program and decide on all safety matters.

The Place

We start in the small gritty city of Petropavlovsk, we will meet you at the airport. We will then board the boat in the afternoon after completing final preparations, safety briefings and beacon training.

We’ll sail south out into the exposed Bering Sea and continue south into Vilyuchinskaya Bay. We’ll anchor here for two nights and ski in the mountains surrounding the bay.

In the afternoon of Day 4, we’ll continue south to Russkaya Bay and spend 3 days skiing the mountains around that fiord. In the afternoon of Day 7 we’ll return to Petropavlovsk and spend a night in a guesthouse.

The Weather

Generally the weather in Kamchatka is stable in the spring with sunny days and light winds, we can still expect storms to roll through but they become less frequent later in the season. Temperatures hover between 0C and -10C.

What's Included

  • Six nights on the yacht
  • All meals from dinner on Day 1 to lunch on Day 7
  • Kayaks, paddles, lifejackets, skirts and safety equipment
  • Dedicated ski guide
  • Dedicated cook
  • Experienced Skipper
  • One night accommodation at the end of the trip
  • Airport transfers

What's Not Included

  • Flights
  • Accommodation before the trip
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Breakfast and lunch on Day 1
  • Travel insurance
  • Ski or avalanche equipment

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Petropavlovsk: We will meet you at the airport and we’ll transport you down to the harbour. After completing the final preparations, going over the safety briefings and completing the beacon training we set sail at about 2:00pm.

The expedition travels south down the coast to Vilyuchinskaya Bay where we will anchor for two nights. If there is time we’ll go for a short evening ski. 
If you plan to arrive a day or two early we would be happy to arrange a guesthouse for you.

Yacht. D.

Day 2

Vilyuchinskaya Bay: Ski in the mountains to the north of Vilyuchinskaya Bay, many of the peaks in Kamchatka do not have names, many have not been skied before. We will assess the best skiing options based on the snow, the weather and the ability of the group.

Yacht. B-L-D

Day 3

Vilyuchinskaya Bay: Ski in the mountains to the south of Vilyuchinskaya Bay depart in the afternoon and sail to Russkaya Bay.

Yacht. B-L-D

Day 4

Russkaya Bay: Ski in the mountains the south west of Russkaya Bay. There are numerous enticing lines in this area, long steep shots and several nice couloirs.

Yacht. B-L-D

Day 5

Russkaya Bay: Ski to the north of Russkaya Bay, this rarely visited area features a number of wonderfully steep bowls. We can also put together a long tour that finishes in a different bay.

Yacht. B-L-D

Day 6

Russkaya Bay: Ski to the south of Russkaya Bay to be surrounded by 180 degrees of ocean. As we ski down these beautiful slopes we can often hear the barks of sea lions in the distance. This area features more opportunities to put together a longer tour into virgin territory. The scenery is absolutely spectacular!

Yacht. B-L-D

Day 7

Petropavlovsk: Morning ski tour before departing around lunch time for Petropavlovsk. We’ll arrive back in town in the evening and stay at guesthouse.

Guesthouse. B-L.

Day 8

Fly home.

The Yacht

The Catamaran

The catamaran is the perfect expedition boat to explore the wilds of the Kamchatka.
Built in 2015 this near new boat is well serviced and well equipped to handle almost anything the Bering Sea can throw at her. She is also a very comfortable home, able to house up to 14 guests (we limit it to 10). She’s an excellent mothership and provides the perfect level of comfort in which to explore some of the world’s most remote areas.

Yacht Specs

Length – 15m or 50ft
Breadth – 7.8m or 26ft
Draught – 1m
Number of Guest Cabins – 5
Number of Guest Bathrooms – 2

The Cabins

The catamaran can accommodate 10 guests comfortably. There are five guest cabins, each has adequate storage and hanging space as well as a couple 220 volt charging stations to keep your electronics topped up.

Cabins 1 and 2 are 2-person cabins with two single beds.
Cabins 3 and 4 each have king beds.
Cabins 5 and 6 each have queen beds.
All cabins have central heating and are well ventilated. There are two bathrooms, each contains a sink, toilet and a hot water shower.

The Living Spaces

The catamaran features a large, heated saloon with plenty of space for meals or for quiet relaxing time. The saloon also has a large screen TV for watching ski videos or listening to music.
There is also plenty of deck space for enjoying the scenery.

The Yacht Layout

1) Saloon
2) Galley
3) Cockpit
4) King bed cabin
5) Queen Bed cabin
6) Queen Bed cabin
7) Toilet and Shower
8) Netting
9) Double cabins – 2 single beds

Photo Gallery

Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of weather can we expect?
Kamchatka can experience very mixed weather. Usually the spring brings higher pressure and settled weather but be prepared from everything from dead calm and sunny days to blizzard conditions and lots of snow. The average temperature is -5C during April but temperatures can get much lower.
Is there communication onboard the boat?
There is no mobile coverage once we leave port in Petropavlovsk. For emergencies there is a satellite phone service onboard the yacht.
Can I charge my electronics onboard the boat?
Yes, the boat has multiple 220 volt outlets. There is plenty of opportunities to charge your electronics.
What is the food like onboard?
The food is excellent. Meals are hearty and made with local produce and ingredients as much as possible. The cuisine is almost entirely Russian, which means lots of carbs and delicious soups. We are happy to cater for vegetarians and other special dietary requirements. Please let us know at the time of booking. It’s a good idea to bring along some of your own dietary substitutes if you have a specialist diet.
Do I need to be an expert skier?
Skiers should be of an advanced standard and have completed multiple ski tours to feel comfortable on this trip . You should be able ski tour up about 1200 meters/3600 feet per day and be able to ski down black diamond runs comfortably. You should also have an adventurous spirit and recognise that the weather will influence greatly what we can and can't do.
Is the ski gear and avalanche gear provided?
No, all guests must bring their own ski and avalanche gear. Guests should be familiar with their avalanche equipment and have used their ski equipment before the trip begins.
What is the skiing like in Kamchatka?
Normally the skiing is very good. The conditions can be highly variable, we can be skiing powder, corn snow and everything in between but with a lot of different aspects and terrain to use we can almost always find some great skiing.
Is there a high avalanche risk?
Not normally. Being a coastal snowpack with mild temperatures most instabilities settle out quickly.
Do I need a Visa to enter Russia?
Yes, we will provide you with a letter of invitation which you will need to apply for the visa through the local Russian consulate.
What language do they speak in Kamchatka?
There are a few local dialects still spoken on the Kamchatka Peninsula but the most used language is Russian. Only about 10% of residents in Petropavlovsk speak English.

Trip Reviews

Our trip to Kamtchatka was a real adventure. Full of contrasts from day one, as we arrived in the city of Petropavlovsk, which looks like building maintenance stopped in the 1960s, only to be lodged in the modern and comfortable house belonging to the Kamtchatka Freeride Community. The house was filled with skiers and outdoors people, had beautiful views of the Avacha Bay, and was a perfect home while we waited for our sail and ski to begin.

A few hours sailing on the Community’s catamaran brought us to Russkaya bay, a protected little fjord surrounded by snow-covered mountains. We had four days of excellent skiing interspersed by some kayaking.  The terrain was perfect for skiing, with slopes of all possible grades, good snow, and beautiful views of the mountains and the Pacific. Skiing to the soundtrack of roaring sea lions and a backdrop of huge volcanoes added further to the uniqueness of the experience.

Joachim Sundnes, Oslo Norway


A juxtaposition of the old and new. On the first morning I sat in the warm-pine-glow of a freshly outfitted guesthouse owned by the Kamchatka Freeride Community and scanned the bay for Soviet-era submarines with a smoke trail rising surprisingly peacefully from one of the distant volcanoes. I was   surrounded by a mostly-Russian crew of brightly clad twenty-something’s, who could not have been more keen for the adventure ahead.
Seven days of a few thousand vertical metres of turns in snow of all maritime consistencies, about a dozen spectacular views. I think about those volcanoes roughly once a day.

Andy Edwards, Sydney Australia

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We’ll also send you a medical form. This helps us make any necessary preparations, it does not exclude you from the trip. To secure the booking we require a 1000 Euro deposit for each person. If you’d prefer to contact us directly we can be reached at or at +12502662515

We’d be happy to discuss different trip options and help you find the perfect expedition holiday.

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