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8 days


3 / 5


€ 2500


Bougainville, Papua New Guinea


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What makes this trip special

  • A true surf adventure in one of the most remote places on the planet
  • Meeting the locals who have lived through 10 years of civil war but are now welcoming tourism and hoping it will be the future of their nation.
  • Frontier surfing- Quality, completely empty, warm water waves
  • Stunning landscapes

The Tour

Bougainville is an unexplored frontier of tropical surfing. This trip is adventure surfing at it’s best. This is an all inclusive surf adventure, we will meet you in Port Moresby and guide you to our base located on a remote tropical island. For 6 days we will surf warm, empty waves in absolute paradise. There are numerous waves surrounding our base, every wave requires the use of a boat to access them but each spot is different, no matter if you’re a short boarder who likes fast, barreling waves or a longboarder who’s looking for long, peeling waves there’s a spot to suit. At the end of the trip we’ll escort you back to Port Moresby.

The Place

Bougainville is located to the North East of Papua New Guinea. Although considered an Autonomous Region it has strong ties to Papua New Guinea.

The region has a suffered through a traumatic past. The locals and their economy are recovering from a ten year civil uprising which ended in 1998. Now the region is looking towards tourism and hoping that it will help get their people and economy back on track.

This region is blessed with incredible natural beauty and absolutely stunning landscapes, coupled with a warm and friendly people who want nothing more than to put their past behind them.

The Weather

Located just south of the equator the weather in Bougainville is hot and humid. Rain showers are frequent but normally do not last for long. The average temperature is 30C during the day and 26C at night. Wind is normally light and variable.

The Surfing

We will be the only surfers for more than 1000kms.

There are a variety of waves all within striking distance of our base. Each wave offers something different from long, peels to fast, powerful barreling waves. All waves are reef breaks a few of which break in deep water. Even when the waves are small there is always a spot that offers a decent wave. The closest wave to the break is an outer reef pass that is almost never smaller than head high.

What's Included

  • Return flights from Port Moresby to Buka
  • Transport from Buka to our base on Tautsina Island
  • All meals while at surf camp
  • Two boat rides out to the surf each day
  • Two nights of hotel rooms in Port Moresby
  • Bungalow accommodation on Tautsina Island
  • Dedicated surf guide
  • Cook

What's Not Included

  • Alcohol
  • Travel insurance
  • Surf equipment (no rentals available)

Trip Itinerary

Day 0 

Fly to Port Moresby, meeting in the evening at the hotel.

Day 1 

Fly from Port Moresby to Buka, transfer by Landcruiser to Arawa.
Board a small boat in Arawa and transfer to Surf Camp

Day 2 – 7


We will also try to visit local villages, tour the town of Arawa and even try to visit the Panguna mine.

Day 8 

Fly from Arawa to Port Moresby via Buka. The flight leaves in the morning from Arawa so unfortunately a morning surf is not possible. 
In Port Moresby we will check into a hotel and have a final dinner.


We will spend the first night and the last night of the expedition in a three star accomodation in Port Moresby. All rooms in Port Moresby are twin share.

While in Bougainville we’ll stay in paradise. Our newly built bungalows are located on a quiet, remote offshore island. Each bungalow contains two single beds, a flush toilet, and a large deck overlooking the ocean. They back onto virgin forests, providing a feel of total isolation.
Our base runs on a basic solar system that gives us the ability to charge electronics.

We are also centrally located to access many different surf breaks by boat. The closest is 5 minutes away.

There’s good snorkeling right out the front and loads of fishing opportunities.

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Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the surf like?
Excellent! There are 8 different set ups all within a 30 minute boat ride from the Surf Camp. The closest break is a 5 minute ride away. There are rights and lefts, fast powerful waves and long cruisey waves. Our guides know the waves will take you to the best spot for the conditions and the requirements of the group.
Is Bougainville safe to visit?
Although Bougainville has had a turbulent past, the region and it’s people are now embracing tourism. The violence of the past has ceased and it’s now safe to travel the area. You’ll now find a warm and welcoming people who want to put the country’s past behind them.
Is the surf camp comfortable?
It’s remote and basic but very comfortable. Guests will sleep in proper beds in a bungalow style building. You can charge your electronics with a solar charging station. There is a composting toilet and fresh water to rinse off the salt. 
Our local cooks will prepare you hearty, tasty meals.
Do I need a wetsuit?
No, the water is warm, a rash vest and reef booties are all you need.
How many boards should I bring?
We suggest bringing 2 boards, as we don’t have many boards available at the surf camp. Having two boards will allow you to change it up depending on the type of waves we surf and if you damage one board you have a back up.
Is it possible to buy alcohol at the Surf Camp?
Yes you can purchase beer from the surf camp. We accept Kina or USD. 
Spirits and wine are difficult to find in Bougainville so if that’s your preference please bring a bottle or two with you.
How much money will I need?
You won’t need much money, $200 USD in local currency should be more than enough. You can exchange money at the Port Moresby airport. At the time of writing $1 USD buys 3 Kina.

Trip Reviews

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