Trip Overview


10 days


3 / 5


1100 USD


Southern Morocco and the Western Sahara, Morocco


November 14-23rd, 2019 - Full

What makes this trip special

  • Surfing remote and unknown waves in the Sahara Desert
  • Sleep under the stars in the Sahara sand dunes  
  • Interact with Desert nomads
  • Empty, unknown, remote surf spots
  • An epic journey through the largest hot desert in the world

The Tour

The journey begins when we pick you up from the Agadir airport. From then on the trip is all inclusive and all adventure. We travel south through the Sahara Desert searching for great waves. Our guides know all the best spots and what conditions are needed to make them work. There’s a variety of set ups, with everything from slabs, to long point breaks, beach breaks and A frame slabs. Crowds are not a problem along this stretch of coast, we wil have the waves to ourselves.

Each night we will set up camp and enjoy the spectacle of sleeping under the stars in the desert. At the end of the trip we’ll make our way into the town of Dakhla, our finishing point.

The Place

Morocco is located in Northern Africa, it’s culture is a diverse mix of Berber, Arabic,  French and Spanish influences.  Here you will find great music, fantastic food, stunning  landscapes and warm hospitality. The trip is focused around southern Morocco and the Northern Sahara Desert –  an area that sees few travelers and even fewer surfers. The desert is one of the harshest environments in the world but is also incredibly beautiful.

It is easy for surfers who want to explore other parts of Morocco before or after the trip. Whether it’s exploring Marrakesh’s medina or hiking in the Atlas mountains we can help.

The Weather

The trip is scheduled during the spring in Morocco. Generally the weather is warm and dry during the day and cooler at night. Day time highs normally reach the mid 20Cs and overnight lows dip down to the mid teens.  Wind is generally out of the NE. It very rarely rains.

The Surfing

This rarely visited stretch of coast features every sort of wave a surfer could want, from long cruisey point breaks to heavy barreling slabs, to punchy fun A frames. Spring is the perfect time of year for this trip – the Atlantic is still producing sizable winter swells but the weather is starting to warm up and the wind generally is not as strong.

Our guides know the spots well and work hard to ensure you get the best waves possible. This is a true surf adventure and although the focus is always on the surfing we’ll also spend time sampling the local culture and the delicious food.

What's Included

  • All camping gear
  • All transfers – we use new, reliable four wheel drives
  • All food and a cook – local healthy delicacies
  • Experienced local surf guide

What's Not Included

  • Alcohol
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Surf equipment (rentals are available)

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Agadir Airport – We will pick you up from the airport or your hotel in Agadir.
After a quick meeting to discuss the swell forecast we’ll set off down the coast and aim to get an afternoon surf in.

Day 2 – 9

Our general direction will take us south, however we’ll be constantly checking the swell and wind forecast to ensure the best surf experience possible.

There are loads of surf spots along this stretch of coast with everything from fast barreling waves and slabs to cruisey long-boarding waves.

At the end of Day 9 we will set up close to the town of Dakhla for one last night of camping under the stars in the desert.

Day 10

If there’s time we will try for an early morning surf before dropping you off at the airport.


We will be staying in tents for the entire trip.  

Each person will be allocated their own tent to sleep in as well as a sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

Our cook will prepare and serve up delicious Morrocan meals.

Meals will be eaten in a large communal tent or outside while watching the waves roll in.

Photo Gallery

Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the area safe to travel in?
Yes, the area is part of southern Morocco and is very safe for travelers and surfers.
How do we get around?
Depending on the size of the group we will use 1 or 2 Landcruisers to drive from one surf spot to the next.
Is the surf good?
Yes the waves can be excellent. During the winter the Northern Atlantic gets battered by storms, these send swell south to Morocco. Most days are head high or larger.
How many boards should I bring?
Most surfers bring 2 boards, a standard shortboard for medium sized waves and a longer board for those bigger swell days.
Is there a gear list?
Yes we’ll send you a full gear list upon booking. You don’t need special camping equipment for this trip we provide all that.

Trip Reviews

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We’ll also send you a medical form. This helps us make any necessary preparations, it does not exclude you from the trip. To secure the booking we require a 500 Euro deposit for each person. If you’d prefer to contact us directly we can be reached at or at +12502662515

We’d be happy to discuss different trip options and help you find the perfect expedition holiday.

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